This site is a resource for all media professionals. It is a window to the new ecosystem of digital news journalism. Here you find interviews of true media innovators, provocateurs, challengers and newcomers as well as legacy media directors open to the new reality. We have gathered cases of the most interesting media startups mainly in the US, their platform and revenue strategies to find out how they discovered their slot in the abundance of content.

We have met and talked with close to 30 media executives from 15 media companies. If you are in a rush, check the Fast Insights -section for bite-sized updates on the current digital media sphere. You will find a selection of the interviews from the How I see it-section. If you want to get a better idea of the startups in question, check the Startup land -page. In the Strategies-section you will find a more concise analysis of how media companies are able to succeed in the digital age and a view on what the media industry ecosystem looks like in 2016.

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"Any social network and almost any app on your phone could be considered as competitor to a news publication." -Casey Newton, The Verge

You need to be prepared to fail and experiment a lot. It is OK to fail. From my experience the millennials are a very forgiving audience. Journalists think they ́re progressive, but they ́re the most conservative and anti-change people I ́ve met anywhere in life. I am a big believer that content is king and it always going to be.

Wouter Verschelden


out of 50 news sites get more traffic from mobile devices than from desktop computers
(source: comScore, Inc. Media Metrics January 2015, in PEW report 2015)

We in the business tend to put our faith in the next Messiah. Like: paywalls are going to save us. Tablets are going to save us. Native advertising is going to save us. No single thing is going to save us.

Jeff Jarvis, Professor at CUNY, New York.


Newspaper weekday circulation has now fallen 19% since 2004 in the US.
Pew Research Center, State of the media

I love journalism. I am a worshipper. But I ́m not a worshipper of the church of media.I am a worshipper of journalism, truth and transparency.

Esther Dyson


Across various news media digital ad revenue grew by 18 % in 2014 (Source: BIA/Kelsey in PEW report 2015)

How I see it

Jeff Jarvis

Professor, CUNY

Redefine the value you bring to your community.

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Raju Narisetti

Senior VP, Strategy, News Corporation

Your audience is in control

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Esther Dyson

Investor, philantrophist

Quality, passion and business success unite much too rarely

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Fast Insights and Startup land

Getting Inspired

Chad Mumm – Vox media

Past performance is no guarantee of future success

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Amy Webb

Amy Webb is an American futurist and author. Watch her insightful talk at the 8th Annual Tech Trends Presentation at the 2015 Online News Association Conference

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Audience engagement + analytics

A slideshow on audience engagement from Online News Association’s 2015 Conference.

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